Monday, December 13, 2010

They're All Going to Laugh at You

I had a difficult time thinking about what I wanted to write today, dear reader.  I went for a long walk and traipsed around the woods and thought that perhaps I wanted to talk about nature or magical thinking, but I realized that more than enough has been said on the subject and I didn't have anything intelligent to add to the conversation.  If there is one thing that I achieve with this blog it will be to not superimpose thoughts onto anyone that don't speak to my actual self.  Forgive me for using new age psychological terms when describing my thoughts, but I do not know any other language that will do to explain what I feel.

Life is a freakish, magical thing.  It is full of strange and magnificent wonder.

I have been thinking more and more on what it is that I am, and what it is that I find to be important and beautiful and profound, and I find people to be funny.  If there was one thing that I could imbue on people is the ability to feel strange.  Really, really strange-- without feeling like they were about to die.  There is so much to be said and so much power in embracing the inner misfit, the inner weirdo, the strange thing that lives in your skin.

I want people to fit in less with each other, I want a society of mismatching socks and bad jokes and silly things that is so overwhelming that everyone feels uncomfortable and has to face up to that discomfort.  Being yourself is tremendously uncomfortable when you haven't done it in awhile, but it is never worse than oppressing yourself, especially in social situations.  I want a discomfort so great that people suddenly snap to it as a whole and quit with small talk and lasciviousness.

Fashion writer and fabulous window dresser Simon Doonan has some interesting things to say on the subject of Glamorous Eccentricity, and fun--

"I have a drug/booze theory-- not a popular one, I will admit-- that people who are incapable of having fun without getting smashed or high do not really understand fun...  As much as like was when I was guzzling booze, it is fifty times more hilariously surreal without the anesthetizing benefits of alchohol,  It was only after giving up booze that I came to understand the true nature of fun:  Fun is infantile.

Fun is about playing Twister of Ping-Pong.

Fun is about being unsophisticated.

Fun is about embracing embarrassment and owning it.

Fun is about dorky things like Renaissance fairs where you can wear your striped leggings without fear of being mocked.

Fun is running up to the Russian embassy, knocking on the door, and shouting, "Hello, is Len in?"

Fun is bringing a tambourine to work.

Fun is learning to play the theremin and then giving concerts to the funsters at the neighborhood old folks' home.

Fun is about squeezing a lemon on the cat and shouting, "Sourpuss!"

Fun is about enjoying fashion and not venerating it.

Fun is doodling mustaches on those dour fashion magazine with a big fat sharpie."

--Simon Doonan Eccentric Glamour To purchase click here!

Before I met my husband I was on a pretty regular regime of drinking and going to parties that I found to be utterly tragic.  I never liked drinking but I felt totally bored without it.  I always felt like I was betraying myself by getting smashed on Lemon Drops and Lone Star beer, but didn't see a good alternative to it.  Since I have been married my husband and I have an occasional glass or two of champagne, but I have re-learned to love how weird social situations are!  A clear mind and a healthy dose of how weird it is to be anything at all makes life positively wondrous.  Drop out of the redundancy of getting snockered, wearing bad J.C.Penney's fashion and hitting on your host's wife or hostesses husband.  Find interests outside of scrutinizing celebrities and have fun, Fun, FUN!

Until tomorrow.

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