Friday, December 10, 2010

Day One.

Almost every day when I open my inbox I am sure to find a new blog that my mother has sent to me.  I am one of those girls that has a fabulous mother daughter relationship, so I look forward to the ritual.  I generally always like what she sends me and find myself to be completely inspired by what I see.  I am of the belief that the more you write down about your life and the more you organize your thoughts the more likely it is that you can, if nothing else, better understand yourself and heal your life (I know, tell that to Sylvia Plath...).  I think that everyone's experience is important and I want to do something myself to share my experience.  

I am 23 years old, married, and about to be a college freshman in January.  I spent my late teens and early twenties as a nomad, semi crusty punk (without the tattoos, just the ideology), vegan to carnivore, chain smoker and Americana lover hairstylist.  I worked in an Aveda Salon and I have finally decided to go back to school.  Suffice it to say that I have gone through many, many changes.  I have started this blog so that I can share my personal style (as soon as I get my camera up and running), share my reading lists, talk about stuff that interests me-- everything from linguistics to the news to philosophy and my own brand of daily wisdom.  

So where am I in my life today?  I just started reading "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger.

I read her first 'major' book "The Time Traveler's Wife" about four years ago when I was in another time of total upheaval and loved it.  I had just moved back into my parents house after living in Austin and my life was upside down.  I was totally overweight, owned literally one dress and one pair of shoes, and had thrown the rest of my belongings in a garbage can outside of my downtown apartment building before I returned to San Antonio.  I was sleeping on an air mattress in my parent's office and was working at a salon that I totally hated.  Reading and journaling were a source of total happiness for me at that time, and Ms. Niffenegger's book was no exception.  It was not an arduous read, but it was beautiful.  Sandra Cisneros once said to read what brings your heart joy.  I am not her biggest fan in a literary sense, but I can't help but find myself in total agreement with her.  Read what brings your heart the most joy.

So far "Her Fearful Symmetry" is exactly what I was expecting in the right way.  It is beautiful and delicate yet not without its strengths.  Throughout much of Part One Highgate Cemetery is highlighted.  I  knew of Highgate because when I was younger I was obsessed with the one time Vampire Hunter (yes, a real man) and high lord of darkness etc., David Farrant:

Two years ago I began a correspondence over the internet with him, which ended when I began receiving hilariously threatening e-mails from opposing lord of darkness priests promising curses on me if I didn't end my friendship with Mr. Farrant.  That, and to my disappointment, I suspected Mr. Farrant of being a little bit of a misogynist womanizer.  Oh well!

This fascination did remain important to me, and I have been delighted that Highgate has been so thoroughly highlighted in this novel.  And I am also glad to be reading this since I finished "1984" by George Orwell last week and hated it.  I am not one for Dystopian novels.  They (and by 'they' I mean  the Examiner) say that "1984" is the most widely lied about book when it comes to who has actually read it cover to cover.  I am proud(ish) to say that I belong to that category, but I can't really recommend it to anyone outside of it being in the major cannon of English Literature.

In case you are interested you can read the full article here:

I think that is enough for right now.

Until tomorrow (or later tonight)...

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